It’s a matter of harnessing the power of enterprise-grade no-code

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There’s a preconception of life in the enterprise as fundamentally unfriendly to innovation, because enterprises are cumbersome and slow-moving. If working at a startup is like driving a speedboat, the thinking goes, working at an enterprise is like steering a cruise ship.

It’s not totally incorrect. For much of my…

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A short presentation and guide.

As a remote work enthusiast, I love seeing all the helpful articles out there right now about how to best survive and thrive working from home. It’s sad that remote work was forced upon us so abruptly, though, as that’s not how I’d recommend companies introduce a remote-work culture.


It’s wrong, it’s gross, and you should feel bad if you do it.

My inner Larry David has been on high alert lately. I reached peak Larry two days ago when I witnessed such a tragic display of ineptitude when opening up an aluminum can.

Stop doing this bull shit:

Germophobes are united in their hatred for people opening cans in such a reckless fashion

The first two weeks of my Facebook Fast were rough.

I sometimes didn’t know what to do with my hands during those two-minute gaps, multiple times throughout the day. My fingers were getting restless as they didn’t get their continuous upward flick workouts. My thumbs were gaining weight and I was getting self-conscious.

It was incredibly difficult. Not because I…

Rory John O’Brien

Multiple-hat-wearer with a focus on all things Operations. Fan of Remote Work.

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