It’s a matter of harnessing the power of enterprise-grade no-code

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There’s a preconception of life in the enterprise as fundamentally unfriendly to innovation, because enterprises are cumbersome and slow-moving. If working at a startup is like driving a speedboat, the thinking goes, working at an enterprise is like steering a cruise ship.

It’s not totally incorrect. For much of my career, I consulted enterprise business operations teams. I saw how legacy systems, byzantine processes, and bureaucratic decision-making structures can inhibit enterprise innovation, along with the more individual ability of employees to ideate and implement creative solutions to hard problems.

This is why you hear some folks deride the enterprise experience…

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A short presentation and guide.

As a remote work enthusiast, I love seeing all the helpful articles out there right now about how to best survive and thrive working from home. It’s sad that remote work was forced upon us so abruptly, though, as that’s not how I’d recommend companies introduce a remote-work culture.

Nevertheless, it remains totally possible to set you and your team up for success if you’ve recently been pushed into remote work. I recently gave a presentation to my company, Tonkean, about how we can all survive the “Coronapocolypse” from the comfort of our homes. I dug up my “Remote Work…

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Over the last few years, companies all over the world have invested heavily in automation technology — specifically platforms designed to streamline manual tasks or processes.

In fact, “heavily” may be an understatement. According to MarketWatch, the global market for workflow automation software solutions are expected to reach $29.26B by 2026 — with a CAGR of 21.4%. Additionally, Gartner reports that Robotic Process Automation is the fastest-growing segment of the global enterprise software market, growing 63.1% and reaching $1.3B in 2019.

Despite the investment, however, the world of workflow or process automation remains difficult to understand; certainly many who’re right…

For about 6 minutes today I was sitting down eating breakfast and I was trying to think about what shirt I wore last Thursday.

I was meeting someone for coffee in SoMa and I wanted to make sure I didn’t wear the same shirt when I meet them again four days from now. I tried working backwards and thinking about the shirt I wore yesterday, then the previous day. …

After working in the recruitment industry for 3 years I’ve gleaned some useful information from a job seeker’s perspective:

Job boards, cover letters, and continual resume tweaking to cold apply for jobs in large volumes is a colossal waste of your time.*

* For specialized roles in most industries, at least.

I’ve been employed by four different full-time employers in my working career. Three of those jobs I had known someone in the company and was referred. Your network is stronger than any resume you beef up. …

I don’t think I ever missed a homework assignment in all my years of schooling. I usually completed it early too, because if I didn’t, it would weigh on my mind and the anxiety levels would continue to climb. I was always the guy in the group projects who would take notes on our brainstorming sessions and then organize them in a coherent, readable, and a transparent format and provide it to the group.

I did it partly to make sure someone was doing it, but more so because I couldn’t stand how people would format word docs, powerpoints, etc…

You’re wasting space in your brain.

It’s 2017 (as of writing this) and the world is open sourced. Companies are actively opening up patents to the world. It’s almost like society is realizing that we’re all in this together and stockpiling thoughts and ideas will progress nothing. Definitely not your bank account.

What’s the point of all these ideas taking up head space?

“I’ve got this killer idea for an app… but I have no clue how to even download one from the app store”

“I’ve got a million dollar idea that’s been in my head for years now but…

It’s wrong, it’s gross, and you should feel bad if you do it.

My inner Larry David has been on high alert lately. I reached peak Larry two days ago when I witnessed such a tragic display of ineptitude when opening up an aluminum can.

Stop doing this bull shit:

Germophobes are united in their hatred for people opening cans in such a reckless fashion

Let’s break this epidemic spreading display of stupidity down:

  1. Is a death grip really necessary as you do battle with this inanimate object? I’m fairly certain it won’t attack you.
  2. You don’t have to shove your entire, unwashed putrid palm, ALL OVER WHERE MY LIPS WILL BE FOR THE NEXT…

The first two weeks of my Facebook Fast were rough.

I sometimes didn’t know what to do with my hands during those two-minute gaps, multiple times throughout the day. My fingers were getting restless as they didn’t get their continuous upward flick workouts. My thumbs were gaining weight and I was getting self-conscious.

It was incredibly difficult. Not because I had any FOMO, or that I didn’t receive the most recent traffic update from a friend who I hadn’t talked to in 8 years. I certainly didn’t miss any ignorant rants or fake news being shared by my extended family.

I was like a smoker who never really inhaled but…

Fantasy land is fun, but reality is where we live.

I spent a lot of time dreaming up different scenarios in my life. Occasionally I still think about them. But in my experienced, more practical age, I quickly shoot them down by thinking of the process to get there. I wouldn’t call it pragmatism, but more of a safety mechanism to not go to deep into the fantasy, and come out depressed when it’s not even remotely close to being real.

Since I was 16 years old, listening to Stand-up comedy on my way to school, I always dreamed of being on stage being laughed at by people who paid…

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